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About Us


Funny Monkeys was born on May 28, 2017, in Toronto, Canada, on a rainy day. We were unwinding on the sofa in our cozy house, talking about our travels, our projects and about our planet and where the world is going. We decided that the time has come. We wanted to take action and start a project that would make sense for us, for the Earth and the people living on it.

Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Every day, the chemicals and endocrine disruptors into plastic make their way to our bodies and have a significant impact on our health.

We believe that children are the future and we want to bring solutions and better products for all families and their little ones. Replace plastic toys with safe and healthy wooden toys. We believe it is all about choices.

This story is about our childhood memories, about family, education, heritage, and generations. It is about joy, growing up and lifetime souvenirs. It is about our planet, our oceans, about reducing our impact on the environment, reduce our plastic use and make better choices. It is about living a safe and healthy lifestyle. More important today than ever before, it is about sustainability. And of course, this is a story about love.

Welcome in our eco-friendly and funny world! 




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