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 ~ Be wood, be fun, be safe ~

Our Funny Monkeys wooden toys are not just great and durable, they are also special for children: they bring a special feeling and excite all their senses due to the toys’ unique surface feel. The naturalness of wooden toys promotes creativity and child development. Not only are they fun to play with, they also can be used for learning and education purposes. Our toys are manufactured for high quality and sometimes they have a natural finish, while other times they are lovingly painted – but always pedagogically valuable and safe.

Wooden toys are unique, wood is a living material, with its own particularity, knots, defaults, color, structure, which makes every single toy a unique object, there is not one toy that looks alike! They also tend to have naturally occurring antibacterial properties, bacterias don’t tend to multiply or live long on dry natural wood.

In addition to the high quality of our toys, the environment is also a central concern for us during the manufacturing process: the durability and the reusability of the toys guarantee a good “eco-balance”. We exclusively use wood from sustainable sources. During the selection of our materials, we pay attention to high quality, and as a renewable and long-lasting raw material, wood is for us the material best suited for toys. We only use lacquers and paints which are manufactured free of solvents and exclusively water-based. Naturally, we also completely abstain from using any harmful chemical softeners or emollients and we strive to use environmentally friendly packaging.

Our Small Foot partner and team on location in Germany pay special attention to child-friendly and pedagogically sensible shapes, colors and functions during the design of our products. And because safety is just as important, their TÜV-inspected staff specialized in toy safety works every day towards ensuring and further improving the safety of our products. In addition, all the products are put through all the paces by specialized experts and independent inspection institutions in order to not only guarantee the safety and quality of our products but also to verify and prove it.

The Small Foot quality is now well-established in Europe, it guarantees the high quality and safety of our products and we are very proud to be the first and unique brand in North America labeled Small Foot!

We are working hand in hand with SmallFoot to those guiding principles every day – and that’s how our assortment of wooden toys will offer you everything that children love and everything that trains and promotes motor skills and abilities – whether for infants or for older children.


Toy Safety ~ Worry-Free Products

Grasping, listening, seeing and feeling – these are the most important tasks in a baby’s first months. Toys are played with intensely, touched, placed in the mouth or cuddled with. Therefore, quality and proven safety are a top priority for us, particularly with baby toys.

The fact that our certified baby products are inspected by the German TÜV and therefore meet the highest safety standards is important for us in order to show proof that our products are child-friendly and free of harmful materials. Products with the “TÜV Rheinland Certified” seal are inspected from independent quality experts above and beyond the legal requirements. With this certification, we wish to guarantee the highest possible level of safety.



Our products are put through the paces three times during the development process:

  • all our toys meet the strict European safety standards according to the Norm EN 71. There is a unique declaration of conformity for each product.
  • the tests from our partner in Germany go a step further: if a product doesn’t meet our standards of child-friendly function and safety, it doesn’t enter our assortment!
  • beyond that, our toys are inspected by an independent external testing institute.


Environment ~ Sustainability

Wood is a raw material and a natural renewable resource. As such, it is also limited in supply and this is why our top priority was to go through a partner able to get that wood from sustainable sources. We expect and demand proof of sustainable wood acquisition processes from our partner in Germany and his suppliers. Since 2017, they are FSC®-certified - (Sustainable Forest Management). The wood materials used for our products come from farmed forests or plantations which are regularly and independently inspected and certified according to the strict international guidelines of the Forest Steward Council (FSC®).



We promote not only fair cooperation with the environment but also campaigns for the traditions and human rights that go hand-in-hand with the responsible use of forests. We exclusively offer solvent-free paints and glazes products that are safe and worry-free.

We believe that we should leave our children and the future generations a world worth living.

We also reduce our climate-relevant CO2 “footprint” by using recycled paper and the “GoGreen” CO2-neutral shipping of the Deutsche Post.


Fair Working Environment

Our German partner and supplier is an active member of the ICTI Care Committed Brands PLUS program. The International Council of Toy Industries promotes ethical and safe working processes during the production of toys. All members are committed to fair and lawful conduct with resources, employees, and processes. Our products are certified according to the strictest criteria of the ICTI codex. ICTI has created a code of conduct for vendors (Code of Business Practice) that must be followed and we support their engagement.


Orientation Assistance and Product Warnings

The toys for children under 3 years old are to be used as described in our product description and should be used under the supervision of an adult. Also, this information can be found on the notice inside all Funny Monkeys packaging.


Safe and worry-free toys, Easy to Clean

Our environmentally friendly products are made from high-quality wood. Water-based and saliva-proof paint make this toy easy to clean, durable, safe and non-toxic. To clean our toys, simply use a humid cotton rag - cloth or make a solution with water and vinegar, which is a 100% organic and non-harmful / non-toxic for the children.


We hope you’ll enjoy our funny world in the safest way! Time to play now!



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