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About Us

Funny Monkeys was born on May 28, 2017, in Toronto, Canada, on a rainy day. We were unwinding on the sofa in our new and cozy house, talking about our travels and adventures and we then decided that the time has come. We talked about this project a million times, we dreamed about it, and a decision was finally made that day.

We are a french couple both born in the woody mountains of eastern France. We were raised in the pure French tradition and education - and we are grateful to our families for giving us such a rich and cultural heritage. Nature and wild lovers, we traveled the world together for about 7 years, nourishing ourselves from the wonders of more than 40 countries, other cultures, history, and people. We lived in France, Canada, New-Zealand, and Australia where we tried different lifestyles and chose to live close to nature and to come back to the essentials.

During our travels, and in every place we’ve been, we carried this idea with us, hoping that one day, we would create something that reunites everything we believe in and everything we love.

This story is about our childhood memories, about family, education, heritage, and generations. It is about joy, growing up and lifetime souvenirs. It is about Earth, nature, organic, safe and healthy lifestyle and sustainability. This story is about love.

We believe that a happy and healthy childhood is the key to our future.

Welcome in our funny world,

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